The Town of Vimperk
Tourism Information System
The Šumava National ParkTourism Information System, obr: 1881 title=Tourism Information System, obr: 1879 title=Sights worth seeing in Vimperk Region


Renaissance chateau Vimperk The Šumava Protected Landscape Area Biking Tourism
  1. Welcome to Vimperk and the region
    1. Vimperk’s history
    2. Glassmaking in Vimperk
    3. Printing tradition
    4. Renaissance chateau Vimperk
    5. Sights
    6. Museums: Museum in Vimperk, Vimperk Branch of the Golden Route
    7. Past and present
  2. The Šumava Protected Landscape Area
  3. The Šumava National Park
  4. Hiking
    1. Hiking circuit throught Vimperk
    2. Hiking circuit II - around Vimperk
  5. Biking
    1. Cycling gear hires
    2. Bicycle repair shop
  6. Skiing
    1. Ski centre
  7. Canoeing
  8. Sights worth seeing
    1. Steaming along through summer
    2. Friendship on the Gold Trail
    3. Major regular cultural, sports, and social events
  9. Useful phone numbers
Tourist information Vimperk

Partnershift town Freyung
Partnershift town

Šumava National Park and Protectet Landscape Area
Šumava National Park and Protectet Landscape Area

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