Rožmberks´ year in Vimperk

Česká vlajka Německá vlajka

Dear friends,

this year we remind an important family - the Rožmberks. They influenced the history of our country for four centuries and gave a new face to many cities and places in Southern Bohemia. Vimperk was owned by the Rožmberks and Vilém and Petr Vok spent some time in local castle too. Petr Vok got Vimperk under his administration in 1565.

We prepared (in co-operation with local cultural associations and businessmen) for our visitors the summer cultural program. This program is dedicated to the life of the Rožmberks´ family, so you can "taste" different kinds of food, drinks, sweets and souvenirs. Town hall, castle, restaurants, sweetshops, small shops, brewery... all these organizations have their buildings denoted by white flag with logo of Rožmberks´ year. And what do they offer? Good food in the former style, beer, mead, chocolate coins with the emblem of the city or renaissance glass. For more info visit our website

Dear friends, during the May you can find in the tourist information centre a brochure, which contains all those who join us in Rožmberks´ year. You can find here culture programs which take place in Vimperk during summer too. We answer your suggestions, comments and questions at If you will enjoy the stay in our town and you choose something from our offer, we will be delighted.

I wish you a pleasant stay.

Local Rožmberks´ offers

Sweetshop Pod zámkem

Address: Pivovarská 59, 385 01 Vimperk

Telephone: 388 320 764

Rožmberks´ offer: The rose of Petr Vok (pastry), Rožmberks´ ducat etc.

The sweetshop Pod zámkem is situated under the castle in one of the oldest houses in the city - in Pivovarská street. In 1587 here was built the castle brewery. Beer was brewed here almost 370 years, until 1956, when a devastating fire completely destroyed the building. Since then the brewery wasteaway until 2006, when the historical interiors of malt house helped to build the well-known sweetshop Pod zámkem. In our sweetshop-cafe we offer to you a moment of peace and quiet with a cup of premium coffee or tea, piece of cake, desserts or ice cream - that all in interesting historical interior. Our customers can use a summer terrace, playground and an Internet connection. To celebrate the 400th anniversary of the death of Petr Vok we made for our customers a chocolate replica of the gold coin - the so-called Rožmberks´ ducat, which was stamped by last Rožmberks in the late 16th century. So come to enjoy and retrospect.

Sweetshop and cafe U Jelena

Address: Pivovarská 75, 385 01 Vimperk

Telephone: 602 127 179

Rožmberks´ offer: The honey cake of Petr Vok, The old Bohemian mead etc.

Our sweetshop is located in the heart of the Vimperk city in newly renovated premises. We offer a lot of desserts of our own production or traditional Italian recipes. When you are a lover of Italian Lavazza coffee, Dilmah teas, fruit cocktails and ice cream, come and visit us. All guests in our sweetshop can use free Internet connection and an outdoor terrace with children's corner.

Sweetshop U Supa

Address: Náměstí Svobody

Telephone: 388 414 727

Rožmberks´ offer: Mrs. Perchta´s gaufre

If you come, you can hear the story about famous candy called "hořické trubičky". The original equipment of the sweetshop drag you into the first republic's atmosphere and you can taste unique sweets. The owner offer you one of the many types of rolled wafers, original wafer sandwich dipped in chocolate, ice cream or hot chocolate, where will stand the spoon.

Čaj, káva, dobroty, doplňky (Tea, coffee, goodies, accessories)

Address: 1. máje 144, 385 01 Vimperk

Telephone: 732 359 516

Rožmberks´ offer: Replicas of Renaissance glass, The old Bohemian mead etc.

Tea is still fighting for its place in Vimperk. In the long tradition in the same place, after a short pause renewed shop Tea, coffee ... offer you sorts of tea, coffee, herbs, spices, dried fruits, tea accessories and ceramics.

Hotel Růže

Address: Špidrova 53, 385 01 Vimperk

Telephone: 388 411 616

Rožmberks´ offer: Spicy ribs of Petr Vok, Rožmberks´ rorty etc.

A cosy hotel with home cooking and comfortable accommodation. The hotel is situated directly opposite the train station in Vimperk, and about 200 m from the bus station. You can accommodate in one of five comfortable rooms, capacity of the hotel is about 15 persons. Two separate restaurants are suitable for private celebrations or business meetings. Capacity is about 50 persons. Hotel Růže offers full catering, private stables with horse riding, transport to the skis and boats, everything depends on the agreement. We look forward to your visit.

Hotel Terasa

Address: Pasovská 34, 385 01 Vimperk

Telephone: 388 411 212

Rožmberks´ offer: Medals of Petr Vok, The secret of the castle´s garden etc.

Hotel is situated directly on the main route Prague-Passau, and about 200 m from the center of Vimperk. In former times here was a coaching inn, a shop, a residential house or a restaurant for local printing office. A holiday here is suitable for people who want to spend an active holiday in nature, but also for those who like to use city services. Hotel Terasa has own restaurant, bar, lounge, sun terrace, playground and private parking. Total capacity is 50 beds. We can prepare for you wedding parties, birthdays, corporate parties and seminars.

Hotel Zlatá Hvězda

Address: 1. máje 103, 385 01 Vimperk

Telephone: 602 461 629

Rožmberks´ offer: Roasted rabbit of Petr Vok, Treasure of White lady etc.

Hotel Golden Star is nearly the most famous building in Vimperk, because it was a center of life for the Czech minority for a long time. The building was built in 1833. Hotel is designed for corporate parties, weddings, family celebrations, receptions, banquets, dances and discos. It is equipped with conference facilities, there is a conference hall suitable for holding seminars, congresses, conferences, etc. The hotel is equipped with an elevator and own parking for hotel guests.

Cultural house Cihelna

Address: 1. máje 477, 385 01 Vimperk

Telephone: 603 233 809

Rožmberks´ offer: beer, various kinds of alcohol etc.

Cultural house Cihelna is the largest multifunctional house in Vimperk, it was opened in 1979. Under one roof you can find the various kinds of cultural and social activities, including refreshments in the newly modernized restaurant, bowling bar and disco club. Private parking is available for guests and performers.
Italian restaurant and pizzeria Salento is ready to satisfy lovers of good food and drink in its newly equipped room.

Beauty salon Bylinka

Address: Svornosti 87, 385 01 Vimperk

Telephone: 603 142 930

Rožmberks´ offer: Skin treatment with rose

In nicely decorated interior I'll care about you. You can listnen to the sounds of relaxing music and smell natural essential oils. Your mind become calm and you'll enjoy the total clean of your skin. And what about chocolate massage.. And what for your loved ones? You can choose them handmade sparkling bullet to the bath from cocoa and shea butter.

Pizzeria Marco

Address: Pivovarská 88, 385 01 Vimperk

Telephone: 388 412 059

Rožmberks´ offer: Salad with fillet of pikeperch, Salad with bacon and grilled pork

Pizzeria Marco is located in the historic city center in a former brewery building. In an interesting designed interior is possible to see rare photographs and paintings of the history of Vimperk. Visitors will be surprised with a large selection of salads, pizzas and pasta prepared from original materials. To evoke a pleasant atmosphere, we offer a wide selection of Italian wine. Pizzeria Marco provides space for large events and for business and private meetings. There is parking and a summer terrace too. Total capacity is 80 seats.

Restaurant AMA

Address: Pražská 206, 385 01 Vimperk

Telephone: 388 413 491

Rožmberks´ offer: Vok´s cut from the pig etc.

Previously people used to go from Prague to Passau through the city. In 1850 was built the main road. Today you can not overlook one of the most popular restaurants in Vimperk locally known as "U Marousků" in the Pražská street. We offer local and international cuisine and you can sit on the outdoor terrace.

Šumava brewery with restaurant

Address: Steinbrenerova 48/1, 385 01 Vimperk

Telephone: 388 310 511

Rožmberks´ offer: Liver pate of Mr. Petr Vok etc.

The brewery with restaurant continues in the tradition of brewing beer in Vimperk after 43 years. It is located just below the city tower in Steinbrenerova street. It produces unfiltered and unpasteurized beer according to traditional recipes. The beer is cooked here and you can go and see the facilities of the brewery.

Restaurant Vodník

Address: K Vodníku 614, 385 01 Vimperk

Telephone: 602 499 122

Rožmberks´ offer: Marinated pork, roll from zander etc.

This restaurant is situated on the edge of Vimperk in the valley, where flows to the city Křesánovský stream. In neighborhood is a sports complex, which offers excellent winter snow conditions for cross-country skiing, and in summer, newly built in-line route. There is a possibility of staying in cabins or campsite. The smallest guests will appreciate the kids club with playground near restaurant. The capacity of the restaurant is 50 seats, you can use a lounge with a fireplace too. In summer, guests can use outdoor terrace.




Město Vimperk, jako organizátor české části filmového festivalu o zvířatech a přírodě NaturVision, vyhlašuje 11. ročník výtvarné soutěže pro děti od 3 do 15 let „MÁME RÁDI ZVÍŘATA“ o Cenu Stanislavy Chumanové.


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